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How To Wear A Hat or Fascinator

Traditionally a fascinator is worn on the right-hand side of your head, so that when a woman was out with her man, he would stand on her left and the fascinator wouldn't shield her face from him. There were times when it was considered rude for women to go outside without wearing a hat!

Nowadays, though, rules and expectations are different. You can wear a hat on either side of your head, and you can certainly wear hats with any outfit you choose. There are virtually no times when women are required or expected to wear hats, but a few times when it will be more appropriate than others.

Hats are essential in order to take your outfit to the next level. There is no need for extravagance, just keep it classic and elegant. Ensure that you wear a hat that works with your proportions and one that compliments your outfit rather then upstaging it! If you invest in a classic elegant style hat you will find that it will very quickly become your summer side-kick ensuring you look amazing at all weddings, race meetings, etc!

How to wear a hat at Royal Ascot

We believe that for an event like Royal Ascot you can go as big as you like with your hat, as you can probably guarantee that there'll be someone there with a bigger, crazier hat then yours! Your outfit really doesn't have to be matchy matchy. Bold clashing colours can look great too! A classic example is our Delphinia hat, seen below. The bold combination of the orange and fuscia pink go wonderfully together. Paired with a navy dress and navy bag you really will turn heads! Focus on the silhouette of your outfit and hat, this is where it all comes together and you can have so much fun playing around with it! With a hat like Delphinia, it should be worn a finger width above your eyebrow on whichever side of the head that the hat was made for.

How To Wear A Hat At A Wedding

For a wedding, we think hats are essential! Not only is it a compliment to the bride but it also finishes off your outfit. Go for good quality and a classic shape, but remember to choose something that complements your shape and height. If you’re tall avoid tall hats and go for wider brims. If you’re short avoid large hats and go for smaller structured creations.

The mother of the groom should always choose a smaller wedding hat than the mother of the bride. This is a set rule across all social situations that dictates that guests should never out-shine their hosts. If you and your groom are hosting the wedding then the two mums can opt for equally grand creations.

.....And remember one of the golden rules - the mother of the bride dictates when other ladies may remove their hats and fascinators. Until she removes her hat, other ladies are expected to leave theirs on.

Trying on a Hat or Fascinator

If a hat isn't flattering when you first try it on, you may need to adjust how it is placed on your head. If your face isn’t perfectly symmetrical in appearance (most of ours aren’t), chances are the hat will look better at an angle.  Try tilting the hat slightly to the right or to the left. Angle it from every direction and view it from every angle. Experiment until you find the optimal look. Here are some additional tips:

  1. Glasses If you have glasses, try upturning the brim of your hat for a more flattering look.

  2. Hair If you have long hair, try tucking your hair behind your ear or putting your hair up for the best look, and so that your features can fully be on display.

  3. Earrings Experiment with different earrings to spice things up.

Wide Brimmed Hats:

When wearing a wide brimmed hat, it is more elegant to wear them at a slant on the head. It will help to elongate your silhouette and create that illusion of elegance.

What Colour Will Suit Your Skin Tone

Pale skin and light skin tones: Darker colours like grey, brown, burgundy, green and dark blue will contrast with your skin and bring warmth and colour. I would suggest avoiding black as this can wash out pale skin. Pastel colours in summer can work very well too.

Olive skin tones: This warmer complexion will suit a much wider range of colours. Most colours will look great on you but try to opt for shades that are either slightly brighter or darker than the middle ground.

Darker skin tones: You can pretty much wear any colour you like but try to keep some contrast between your skin colour and the felt colour.


If you are tall, you can wear wide-brimmed hats and can carry contrasting colours. Try to avoid small and short brimmed hats as they can sometimes look out of proportion with the rest of your body. 

If you are smaller in height, avoid wearing wide-brimmed hats and instead choose a brim that stays within the width of your shoulders. Choosing a hat that’s a similar colour to your outfit can help to create the illusion of a few extra inches.

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